Should I Find A Job While in Early Recovery from Addiction Rehab?

Dec 12, 2022 | Rehab

Early recovery is the first few months of sobriety after rehab, where the person must learn to live without alcohol or other substances. The phases of recovery are not the same for everyone. It is why for some, early recovery is a challenge because it can be dull without a daily routine to follow.

The early recovery phase is crucial for a person in recovery because it can make or break them. A structured day-to-day schedule can help to take the mind off of temptations. Starting a new job in early recovery has many benefits that can help your recovery.

The Benefits of Working While Recovering from Addiction

It might sound challenging to juggle recovery and work, but life is all about balance. While prioritizing sobriety over anything else is true, a little side hustle might help you transition to society easier after recovery.

Trying different things during early recovery will help you create a recovery schedule that suits you. Getting hired for a job is one of those things that can help you speed up your recovery.

Here are the reasons why.

You are learning how to be financially independent.

Financial problem is a typical cause of addiction. Developing a skill like financial independence can help you battle addiction. Living your life without worrying about money and without working is the goal of everybody. While being employed does not sound like financial independence, it can be your stepping stone in learning skills that will help you over time to achieve financial independence. If you are financially independent, you are also a responsible individual about wealth and you will not worry about finances ever again.

You are regaining your self-esteem and self-worth.

Addiction and mental health issues can make you feel worse about yourself. You might feel that you are garbage. Getting a job while recovering will give you back your self-worth and confidence because you know you can take care of yourself.

Getting a job can help you grow your social circle.

Friendship is a significant factor in fighting addiction. A strong support system can speed up recovery. Addiction costs friends and family, but it does not mean you cannot build relationships again. Getting a job you enjoy will help you meet people with the same interests.

A job can help you effectively deal with stressful situations without turning to drugs.

Drug use is an unhealthy coping mechanism. People usually use drugs to run away from stress and other things. A job will train you how to deal with stress effectively.

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