Halfway House Vs. Sober Living Facilities

May 23, 2023 | Rehab

Should I go to sober living or halfway houses? How are they different? Which one will suit my needs? If you are planning to seek addiction treatment, then these are some questions to ponder upon. Many other things could mislead you while seeking the right treatment. 

Thus, to make things clearer, we have listed below some details and differences between halfway houses and sober living. Take a look!

What is a Halfway House? 

A halfway house is a government-funded residency for recovering addicts. These function by offering shelter to the ones who need it during tough times. You can stay at a halfway house for a defined period. 

Besides recovering addicts, a halfway house can also accommodate jail or prison inmates, people with mental health disorders, etc. These houses offer them residence and a chance to reintegrate themselves into the community. 

What is a Sober Living Facility? 

Sober living facilities are mainly offered by rehab centers. These facilities are specially designed for recovering addicts. Sober living facilities allow you to learn new skills, participate in a 12-step program, etc. Its goal is to assure a smooth transition from inpatient care to your normal life while monitoring your recovery. 

Pros and Cons of Halfway Houses and Sober Living Facilities 

There are both advantages and disadvantages to choosing either of the facilities. Thus, to help you make a more informed decision, we have listed the pros and cons of both below: 

  1. Halfway houses 

The pros of halfway houses are:

  • Help is available for any sort of substance addiction 
  • A structured living environment with people of similar interests 
  • Minimal distractions 
  • Opportunity to continue your work, school, etc. 

The cons of living in a halfway house are: 

  • The place could at times be unsafe as criminals are also accommodated here 
  • It could be extremely strict as it is run by the government 
  • Houses hold a bad reputation in the community 
  • The location might not always be in the best part of the city 
  1. Sober living facilities 

The pros of joining a sober living facility are: 

  • Solely focuses on addiction recovery 
  • A safe and trusted place to live after addiction treatment 
  • Care and support are always available 
  • Ability to work or attend school 
  • An opportunity to practice relapse strategies in a safe environment 

The cons of residing at sober living facilities are: 

  • Can be expensive 
  • A compulsion to participate in a 12-step program when it might not be needed 

Now that you know both sides of halfway houses and sober living facilities, you can make a better choice. However, you can always visit a professional at Taylor Recovery in Houston, Texas for further assistance. Contact us now for any help that you may need!