Home vs. Sober Living: The Pros and Cons of a Sober Living House

Nov 26, 2018 | Main

Over 1.2 million people have entered treatment for substance use addiction.

As important as rehab is to your recovery as you work towards a normal life, it’s even more essential to focus on what to do after your time in rehab is up.

After leaving rehab, you have the choice of heading back home or moving in a sober living house.

These are the pros and cons of a sober living house.

Read on to discover both the pros and cons of living in a sober home after you complete rehab.

1. A Sober Living House Can Ease You Back Into Normal Life

One of the perks of living in a sober house is how it can help you ease into normal life. Once you get out of rehab for addiction, it’s suggested by professionals that you seek additional help through a sober living facility.

These homes are designed with addicts in mind. There will be rules to follow and guidelines that you must abide by to stay in the home.

The daily activities you are part of while living at a sober facility will get you into the right mindset for real life again.

There is a serious focus on group meetings and you must attend these to stay in compliance with the house rules.

If you were to jump back into living at your old home, you may not feel the need to attend these important meetings.

2. You Can Make Friendships in a Sober Living House

Another aspect of living in a sober house is the friendships you will make. All the residents living in the home are seeking to eliminate their desires to engage in drugs and alcohol.

You will meet people in the home who have similar problems.

When you form healthy relationships with new people, you can hold each other accountable for staying clean.

If you were to leave rehab and go straight back to your old life, you may hold onto old friendships that are not going to be good for your recovery. Making strong friendships is essential to your recovery, too. You should surround yourself with likeminded individuals who want you to have a successful recovery.

3. Sober Living Facilities Cost Money

One of the pitfalls of sober living houses is their cost. It may be unrealistic for you to leave rehab and begin your new life in a sober living house because it will cost you rent.

They are also not typically covered by insurance so you will be paying out of pocket to live there. You may have to take out loans or use credit cards to pay for your room and board at the facility of your choice.

Some people have also chosen to start a GoFundMe page to ask people for donations to pay for this step in their recovery.

Looking for A Sober Living Home?

These are only a few of the pros and cons of moving into a sober living house.

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