How do we Define Moderate Drinking?

Nov 21, 2022 | Rehab

Consuming too much alcohol regularly is just the perfect recipe to ruin your life. This might sound a little harsh but that’s the sad reality of being an alcoholic. Not only do you ruin your physical and mental health, but also lose your loved ones, your job, your friends, and every important thing in your life. 

If you have realized this already, then it’s time you take a step back. This can happen by controlling the amount of alcohol you drink and undergoing alcohol detox at a rehab. 

What is Moderate Drinking? 

It must have been a lot of time since you began drinking and you might even feel that you know A to Z of alcohol. Well, this is a common misconception. People drinking too much often miss out on the actual information about the substance that they should’ve known before. In the case of alcohol, it is knowing about moderate drinking. 

It is considered moderate when a male drink about one to two drinks and a female consumes one drink in a day. Here, one drink means: 

  • One 1.5 oz or a shot of liquor 
  • One 5 oz glass of wine 
  • One 12 oz pint of beer 
  • One cocktail 

It’ll be difficult for you to get back to these numbers if it’s been a long since you crossed the line. In such a case, all you can now do to gather yourself is by attending alcohol rehab. 

Here are some questions you can ask yourselves to confirm the need for alcohol rehab: 

  1. Am I unable to control my drinking despite trying? 
  2. Have I lost control over the amount of alcohol I consume every day? 
  3. Have people expressed concern about my drinking habits? 
  4. Do I black out often after drinking? 
  5. Am I thinking of alcohol when not drinking? 
  6. Am I avoiding help because leaving alcohol seems terrifying? 

If you answer these questions with a yes, then it is time to get off the substance and go for alcohol addiction treatment at Taylor Recovery. You can call our experts to know more about the program.