How do you Define a Sober Living Program? 

Jun 2, 2023 | Rehab

Addiction treatment is a difficult phase to go through, and so is the phase after treatment. Stepping directly into your normal life after completing treatment can be dangerous. Facing regular issues at work, home, school, etc. can cause a relapse. Thus, to avoid such a situation, rehab centers recommend patients to attend a sober living program. 

A sober living program is a follow-up program after addiction treatment. The program needs patients to reside in a sober living facility. This facility is similar to a residential place but with an aim to keep you sober. 

A sober living facility works on a primary rule of maintaining substance-free environment. Which means, no drugs or alcohol are allowed on the premises. To assure strong implementation of this rule, the facility also holds regular drug tests. Every patient is supposed to take the test to prove themselves sober. 

Besides this strict rule, a sober house will also offer you care and support. The goal is also to help you safely transition to a sober lifestyle. Thus, to assure this, you would be required to attend 12-step meetings, counselling sessions, group therapies, house meetings, etc. 

One of the greatest benefits of a sober living program is that you achieve a sense of community. Residents help and encourage each other to remain sober. You may even share your stories and relieve of stress with your fellow residents. Such a form of peer support goes a long way in achieving long-term sobriety. 

Another great aspect of a sober living program is accountability. You learn to take responsibility for your actions, recovery, and participation in various activities. Additionally, you also learn to adapt a healthy routine. This is known as structured living. All your daily tasks need to follow the timetable set by you. Failing to follow it affects you solely, which again teaches accountability. 

Also, a sober living facility is the perfect place to practice your learning. All the skills you learned during therapy can be implmented now. You can learn to implement balance in your life by rejoining work. Also, managing finances is another way to practive your therapy learning. 

But the greatest thing you can do here is develop coping mechanisms. These are the techniques you learned during treatment. The techniques to face triggers in a healthy way. You also learn to manage stress since you already have ways to channelize your negative thoughts. All of this ultimately helps in preventing relapse. Hence, joining a sober living program is essential after treatment. 

Sober Living Facility at Taylor Recovery 

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