How Does a Typical Day in Residential Rehab Go in Houston, Texas?

Jul 12, 2022 | Rehab

When it comes to residential rehab, a day-to-day routine varies from one day to the next.

There is no fixed time or activity, and this is one of the beautiful things about residential treatments at Taylor Recovery.

Taylor Recovery is a drug and alcohol rehab facility located in the heart of Houston, Texas. Not only do we offer some of the best treatments in Houston, but we also have a team of certified medical professionals who are always ready to guide you on this rehab journey.

Here at Taylor Recovery, we aim to educate our readers and prospective patients when it comes to the dangers of addiction and the beauty of recovery.

In this article, we will talk about a typical day in residential rehab in Houston, Texas.

As we have mentioned at the beginning of this article, a day-to-day routine in residential rehab will vary from one day to the next.

It can also depend on what kind of things you would want to work on, and what kind of therapy you have signed up for the day.

Taylor Recovery aims to give our patients as much freedom they can have whenever they’re choosing the treatments, activities, and therapies that they would like to do daily.

Although, it’s still best to bear in mind that these choices would still have to be approved by our team to ensure that these would be fulfilling and enriching for our patients.

A typical day in a residential rehab can go like this:

  1. The patient can get started bright and early to plan out their day and get a bit of “quiet time” before they get on with their activities.

They can then choose to do any of the following activities:

  1. Meditation and Yoga
  2. Exercise
  3. 12-Step Meetings
  1. Then the afternoon comes, and this is the time when the more serious treatments or therapies can be done.

They can choose to do any of the following therapies:

  1. Group Therapy
  2. Individual Therapy
  3. Trauma Therapy
  4. Psychoeducational Therapy
  5. Family Therapy
  1. Then once they have finished all their activities and therapies for the day, they can have some free time or family time.

As you can see, life in a rehab center doesn’t have to be lonely, secluded, or isolated – at least not the one you would experience at Taylor Recovery.

If you would like to know more about the services we offer at our rehab facility, then reach out to our team today at Taylor Recovery.

Let us show you what beautiful thing sobriety can be.

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