How Does the Best Luxury Rehabs Treat Alcohol Addiction? 

May 9, 2023 | Rehab

Many of us love to sip a few beers on the weekends. While it surely relieves stress, it also brings along the possibility of developing an addiction. 

Alcohol addiction is a rising concern in our country. That’s where the need for efficient alcohol rehab arises. There are many alcohol rehabs in the country, but do they treat the issue with care and luxury? Not really. 

Well, Taylor Recovery does! We are a reputed luxury rehab serving people in Dallas, Texas. Here’s how we approach alcohol addiction. 

Our Approach Towards Alcohol Addiction 

As we mentioned before, alcohol addiction is a growing concern in our country. The National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism mentions that about 15 million adults in our country suffer from alcohol use disorder. Out of these, hardly 10% of the citizens manage to receive treatment. 

Thus, to make treatment easily available, Taylor Recovery offers an effective alcohol addiction treatment program. The program works on evidence-based treatments and therapies. Our team also ensures to maintain a supportive and positive environment inside the facility to promote your recovery. 

With Taylor Recovery by your side, you do not need to worry about battling your addiction alone. 

Treatment Process at Taylor Recovery 

Alcohol addiction treatment is not a one-step process and neither does it conclude in a day. It is an elaborate process that involves multiple stages.

  1. Detox 

It is the first step to treating any sort of addiction. Detox allows your body to get rid of all the toxins that you have been consuming for a while now. It makes sure that you readjust to sobriety with minimal discomfort. To assure this, we also offer medical support and round-the-clock supervision. 

  1. Dual diagnosis 

This is the process where you can overcome your addiction along with any underlying mental illnesses. Often there are cases where addiction is the cause or result of a mental illness. In that case, treating both issues simultaneously is a must. With dual diagnosis, the problem is handled effectively. 

  1. Aftercare 

Once you attain sobriety, it is equally important to maintain it. Hence, with our aftercare program, we help you make sure you remain focused on the path of sobriety. You can attend therapies that will help you stay focused. 

When is it Time to Enter Rehab? 

Following are the signs that show the need to enroll in rehab: 

  1. Drinking more and longer than intended 
  2. Unable to reduce or quit drinking 
  3. Spending a lot of time drinking 
  4. Craving alcohol when sober 
  5. Drinking despite observing its negative effects 

If you observe these and other alarming signs of alcohol addiction, immediately consult a professional. 

Visit Taylor Recovery for a safe and luxurious rehab experience. Contact us now to know more!