How Long Can Alcohol Rehab Be? 

Jun 15, 2023 | Rehab

Though socially accepted and legally available, alcohol is still a dangerous substance. Studies show that nearly 14 million people in the US struggle with alcohol use disorder. It is a highly addictive substance and can cause multiple health disorders as side effects. People addicted to alcohol are seen to suffer from mental, physical, and psychological disorders. 

Despite these health disorders, hardly a few addicts seek treatment. Addiction treatment is necessary if you want to regain your health and sobriety. Hence, to support this cause, Taylor Recovery offers an effective alcohol addiction treatment program. You can learn more about our program in the blog below. 

What is an Alcohol Rehab Like? 

Alcohol rehab is a process that aims at treating your addiction. The process begins with an assessment and detox. 

Detox is the process of eliminating alcohol from your system. It is necessary as it allows your mind and body to readjust to sobriety. After a few weeks of detox, you can enter therapy. 

At Taylor Recovery, we offer: 

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT 
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy or DBT 
  • Family therapy 
  • Individual therapy 
  • Group therapy 

Along with therapies, you can also participate in recreational activities. These offer extra support. As you show progress in your recovery, you can be shifted to a less rigorous environment and eventually graduate with complete sobriety. 

How Long is Alcohol Rehab? 

Just like addiction, even recovery takes time. Depending on the severity of your addiction, you can be suggested different lengths of programs. Ideally, there are three durations of alcohol rehabs such as: 

  1. 30-day program 

This is the minimum time one can spend at a rehab. The 30-day program commences after detox where you attend therapies and participate in other activities. 

  1. 60-day program 

The overall structure of the program remains the same. However, it is ideal for patients with a higher risk of relapse. The program teaches ways to cope with triggers and temptations. Also, special care is offered to patients with intense addiction. 

  1. 90-day program 

This is the most suitable program for patients who were severely addicted to alcohol. The program aims at treating addiction, managing relapse, and offering aftercare. Also, therapies are offered to treat mental and physical health issues. 

Alcoholism Treatment at Taylor Recovery 

Taylor Recovery, serving in Dallas, Texas is a fabulous rehab to treat alcohol addiction. With our certified programs and therapies, we promise to help you at every step of recovery. Contact our team today to learn more!