How Long Do You Need To Visit Rehab For?

Mar 31, 2022 | General TRC Information

Addiction is basically caused due to prolonged use of drugs and alcohol. Therefore, it takes time to overcome it. A rehab center will offer several treatment plans, each extending up to different time periods. The basic plan, however, is 28 days long. There are plans of 60 days and 90 days depending upon a patient’s requirements. Each plan has its own advantages. 

28 – Day Rehab Plan

During this program, the therapist and the patient are supposed to have one on one discussions to develop relapse strategies, address underlying issues and other problems. A 28 day program is the perfect way to begin rehab and can always be extended as per the necessity. 

60 – Day Rehab Plan

A 60 day program will provide you with a little more than what a 28 day program has to offer. Along with the therapy sessions, you also get to detox from the addictive substances. While detox, you will also be provided with therapies to help you handle the withdrawal symptoms. You may also discuss and try to find out the reason behind your addiction. 

90 – Day Rehab Plan

It may appear to be a lengthy program at first, but the more the better. A 90 day plan ensures a complete recovery along with detox, therapies and other treatment options. Everyone will not need the similar amount of time to achieve sobriety, hence, go for the one which suits you the best. 

You may not even begin directly with a 90 day program, you can start with a shorter version of a 28 day plan and extend it if necessary. Taylor Recovery center provides these three different rehab programs for patients to heal at their own pace. Visit our center or call us to know more about the treatment plans.