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How Long Should Patients Stay in Rehabilitation Retreats?

Sep 5, 2022 | Rehab

Staying in a rehabilitation facility can be quite a daunting thing for most people, but it really shouldn’t be the case since these places can help you or your loved ones recover from the addiction that they’ve been suffering from.

Here at Taylor Recovery, we’re a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility near Dallas, Texas, and we offer countless programs and treatments to help our patients get better.

So if you’re planning on going through a rehabilitation program, do you know how long you should be staying in these retreats?

One thing that every prospective patient should know is that rehabilitation facilities don’t just “detoxify” your body from addictive substances – this is just one part of it. What we do here at Taylor Recovery is also offer the necessary aftercare that each recovering patient would need to continually walk through the path of sobriety.

We think that aftercare is so important, and this is why we offer these things to those who want to check into our rehabilitation facility.

The duration of these rehabilitation retreats could also vary from person to person because it’s best to understand that not everybody is the same and not everyone will go through the very same treatments and therapies as everybody else. What works for you might not work for the next patient, so it’s best to keep these things in mind.

Normally, the minimum stay at these rehabilitation retreats is about 30 days. This is when they can cleanse and detoxify from the drugs that have been torturing them for years on end, and this is when our team of professionals will help them get through the first phases of their addiction recovery journey.

Although there are also rehabilitation facilities that offer 60-day and 90-day programs as a standard rehabilitation retreat – you just have to ask.

Here at Taylor Recovery, we offer 30-day programs though we can also offer a longer program should you require these. Rest assured that we will give you the necessary tools to strengthen your walk through sobriety.

So what are you waiting for?

Start your journey towards addiction recovery today – call us at Taylor Recovery.