How Long Does it Take for an Alcohol Detox Program?

Sep 27, 2022 | Rehab

If you have been drinking alcohol for a long time now, then maybe it’s time you plan to detox. Alcohol severely damages your mental and physical health, hence, it is important to seek treatment on an early basis. 

Alcohol detox is the first step of the recovery process and its timeline varies for every patient. The duration of detox depends on several factors. Let’s learn more about the same. 

Alcohol Detox Timeline 

Alcohol detox begins with detox which requires you to completely cut off the intake of the substance. If you are severely addicted to alcohol, you may experience certain harsh withdrawal symptoms and it might also take a while for you to successfully detox. 

However, the alcohol detox timeline also depends on several other factors such as: 

  • Amount of alcohol consumed 
  • Duration of consumption 
  • Any prior detox attempts 
  • Medical history 

The severity of alcohol withdrawal symptoms also varies from patient to patient. The timeline of withdrawal symptoms goes as follows: 

  1. First 6 hours: 
  • Minor withdrawal symptoms
  • Seizures in case of severe addiction 
  1. Next 12 to 24 hours:
  • Hallucination
  • Other serious withdrawal symptoms 
  1. 24 to 48 hours:
  • Headaches
  • Stomach aches 
  • Tremors 
  1. 48 to 72 hours:
  • Increased heart rate 
  • Seizures 
  • Increased body temperature 
  • Delirium tremens 
  1. 72 hours:
  • Severe withdrawal symptoms are at their peak and medical assistance is necessary to avoid relapse. 

This is a typical timeline for alcohol detox. It can depend greatly on other factors such as the genetics of the patient. 

Alcohol Detox at Taylor Recovery 

No matter the severity of your addiction, alcohol detox isn’t easy for anyone. Thus, if you’re planning to undergo alcohol detox, consider visiting Taylor Recovery for safe detox. 

Our detox programs are available for the citizens of Fort Worth, Texas. Contact us now and begin detox today!