Going Through Major Life Changes And Becoming Depressed How Therapy Can Help

Feb 14, 2022 | Rehab

How Therapy Can Help Depression?

By scheduling appointments, planning vacations and the like, we try to take control of our lives as much as we can. But facing major changes is an inevitable thing in life. Since even positive life changes can create some stress, it is difficult to adapt to change. To respond better to changes that they cannot manage, many who have trouble adjusting to life changes can find it useful to talk to a therapist.

The Types of Major Life Adjustments

It may be a negative or utterly unpredictable change or it could also be a seemingly optimistic transition. Here are the major stressors with major transition:

  • Social: A breakup with a close friend or moving to an unfamiliar city
  • Family: Family dispute or a loved one’s passing
  • Financial: Losing a job or being in debt
  • Health: Disability from an accident or an unexpected diagnosis of an acute or chronic disease

Why Major Life Changes Affect You Deeply

The way our brain functions is the primary reason why big changes in life affect our mental health. The conflict receptors in our brain get stimulated when we experience a life change, and this generates brain chaos that we call cognitive dissonance. How transition affects our mental health largely depends upon our personality. If they face any major life changes, even usually optimistic people can lose their positive attitude.

How Can You Become Depressed

When we become stressed, our capacity to logically process data becomes compromised. We start seeing everything in a negative light. Because our ability to see the bright side of change is weakened and we build a false consciousness of our conditions, it results in a depressive cycle. Especially if they were unanticipated, significant life changes take us often into an unknown future. We may feel depressed and exhausted because we have missed a way of life that is familiar to us.

Make the Best of a Major Life Change With Therapy

Change is necessary because it can lead to the opening up of new possibilities, especially when they come from the pits of suffering and disappointment. Through big life changes, we have a much greater chance of sustaining our emotional health.

Talk to a therapist for depression therapy and counselling, if you realize that you don’t adjust well to major life changes. Many forms of therapy can help you cope with drastic life changes. This way, you can be more prepared to face them and brace for changes. For more information or to schedule an appointment, visit our (Taylor Recovery) page or call us now!