How to Find the Right Outpatient Rehab? 

Jun 8, 2023 | Rehab

There are two major types of treatments for substance addiction. One of which is outpatient treatment. Also known as outpatient rehab or outpatient care, is a treatment format that does require you to stay overnight in the facility. It is a rather flexible way to recover from addiction. 

Outpatient rehabs are ideal for patients suffering from minor addictions. Anyone in the initial stages of addiction can also benefit from this program. Also, it is less expensive than other treatment modules. So how does this treatment program work exactly? 

How Does Outpatient Treatment Work? 

Outpatient treatment aims to help patients achieve sobriety. This is fulfilled by utilizing multiple treatments, therapies, and activities. At an outpatient rehab, you can expect to undergo the following: 

  1. Behavioral counseling and therapy 
  2. Treatment for co-occurring disorders 
  3. Substance use monitoring 
  4. Clinical management 
  5. Relapse Prevention by Aftercare 

Types of Outpatient Rehab 

You can find different types of outpatient rehabs depending on levels of intensity. These mainly include

  1. Partial hospitalization programs or PHPs
  2. Intensive outpatient programs or IOPs 
  3. Standard outpatient programs or OPs 

Treatment Services at Outpatient Rehab

Though the intensity of treatment might be liberal at outpatient rehab, the quality of care remains the same. Outpatient rehabs offer the same amount and quality of treatment services as residential rehabs. 

Behavioral Therapies at an Outpatient Rehab 

Outpatient rehabs function on multiple therapies. These mainly include

  1. Cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT
  2. Contingency management 
  3. 12-step meetings 
  4. Individual counseling 
  5. Group meetings 
  6. Family therapies 

All these therapies and treatments help in achieving sobriety at a faster pace. You also benefit in other ways by attending outpatient rehab. Some of the benefits of outpatient rehab are: 

  1. Flexible mode of treatment 

You can adjust the treatment and therapy sessions at your convenience. Also, these sessions are for short hours, which means, your work does not suffer. 

  1. Less expensive 

Since you are not staying overnight in the facility, the cost of accommodation can be saved. All you have to pay for is therapies and treatment. 

  1. Real-life application of skills 

Skills learned at rehab can be applied in your daily life. You can know the stage of your recovery through real-life experiences. 

Outpatient Treatment at Taylor Recovery 

Looking for a facility that serves in Dallas, Texas? Search no more as Taylor Recovery is here to help you. We offer effective outpatient programs along with multiple other treatment modes. You can reach out to us to learn more about our treatments and programs.