How to Find the Right Rehab in Houston, TX

Jun 11, 2022 | Rehab

Where you detox and get drug addiction treatment makes a difference. While there are numerous rehabs in Houston, TX, you want to choose one that meets your individualized needs – as each person’s addiction is different. Overall, you want to make sure that the rehab is conveniently located, staffed with compassionate experts, and offers a variety of treatment programs and amenities.

Here’s what you can do to find the right rehab in Houston.

Talk to a counselor

The first step in finding a good rehab is talking with a drug addiction counselor. Addiction counselors are trained professionals who understand how to recognize addiction and its severity. He or she can help you understand if you have an addiction, exactly what type of addiction you have, and recommend the best treatment. You may first have to take more than one assessment and answer questions so the counselor can determine if and what type of treatment you need.

Ask about treatment programs

Find out what types of treatment plans the rehab offers. The right rehab will offer a variety of drug addiction treatment options in case one doesn’t work out for you.

Ask about:

  • inpatient treatment, including how long the programs are
  • outpatient treatment
  • Intensive Outpatient Program, or IOP
  • Partial Hospitalization Program, or PHP

Ask about amenities

Once you learn about a rehab, you should then ask about their amenities. You can ask questions such as, “Do you offer private or shared rooms?”, “What type of entertainment do you provide?”, “Do you provide transportation”, and so on. First determine what type of amenities (private room, meals, etc.) you’re looking for and then find a rehab that offers these.

Choose a rehab close to you

Traveling for rehab isn’t a bad idea, especially if the treatment center is the best in the area. But you may want to find a rehab that’s close to friends and family. During treatment, family members and friends may want to visit you and even join you in family therapy. A rehab nearby will make it convenient for your loved ones to support you during your treatment.

Make sure they have after-care services

Once you leave rehab, your sobriety journey is not over. It’s important that you continue treatment after residential rehab treatment to help keep you on track and prevent relapse. The right rehab will offer after-care services and connect you with programs in the area, including career counseling, sober living houses, and support groups.

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