How to Safely Detox Substances?

Jan 5, 2023 | Rehab

Have you decided to quit alcohol or drugs? Well, that’s a commendable decision because not everyone is strong enough to do that. You need to be prepared for all the mental and physical health consequences that are going to follow. 

As you begin with the treatment, the first stage you will go through is detox. This stage requires you to completely cut off the intake of substances. Now, quitting substances in this manner is surely going to be difficult. However, the process can be made easier. Let’s see how can you safely detox substances

How Does a Detox Work?

Detox begins from the moment you cut off the intake of substances. The process of detox can be pleasant or extremely painful depending on the following factors:  

  1. Type of substance abused 
  2. Duration of addiction 
  3. Severity of addiction 
  4. Underlying mental and physical health issues 
  5. Allergies to drugs 
  6. Local laws 
  7. Policies and procedures followed by the facility 
  8. Age 
  9. Support from friends and family 
  10. Motivation and will to achieve sobriety 

Stages of Detox 

An ideal procedure of detox includes the following stages: 

  1. Early stage 

This covers the first day of detox. Here, you may experience mild symptoms of withdrawal as the substances are still present in your body. The process of breakdown has already begun but hasn’t finished yet. Thus, medicines might not be needed yet but are recommended for safety. 

  1. Peak stage 

This is where the substances are almost out of your system. The peak stage arrives on the second and third days of detox. Since your body was never used to being sober, it will undergo harsh withdrawal symptoms. However, this can still be bearable if the addiction wasn’t too severe. You may even need medicines to keep up with the withdrawal symptoms. 

  1. Final stage

This occurs after about 5 days and can go as long as 14 days after beginning the detox. By this time, your body has eliminated almost every trace of the substance and you are getting used to being sober. All the withdrawal symptoms subside by this stage. However, a few symptoms can persist depending on your health and other factors.

Post the final stage of detox, the professionals can decide whether you need inpatient or outpatient care. 

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