Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment: Which is Better?

Dec 10, 2022 | Rehab

Your healing journey from addiction begins when you accept you need help. It might be a tough and challenging decision, but it is also the most significant decision you can make for your life.

There are many treatment options when it comes to treating substance addiction. It is substantial that you have at least the basic knowledge about treatment programs in a rehab. When you know the basics, you can proactively communicate your needs.

Taylor Recovery will provide familiarity with the two most-used treatment programs in rehab, inpatient (residential) and outpatient treatment.

What is an Inpatient Treatment Program?

Inpatient or Residential is a treatment program designed to allow patients to take a step back from their daily lives. After detoxification, the medical team will assess your situation if you need to complete an Inpatient Treatment Program.

The advantage of this kind of treatment program is the guarantee that there are no distractions and temptations in the facility. Also, this treatment program can give you a pause in your daily activities that contributes to your substance abuse. You can breathe and relax while completing your recovery journey.

Inpatient Treatment Program can provide structure and accountability because you are surrounded by individuals who battle substance abuse like you. Additionally, this treatment program is more intense compared to outpatient because your daily schedule is dedicated to achieving a successful recovery without any distractions.

What is an Outpatient Treatment Program?

Outpatient Treatment Program is like a residential treatment without the need to stay in the rehab facility. In this program, patients can continue their daily activities, like being present at their job, attending school, and taking care of the children.

On top of the ability to continue daily activities, outpatient treatment programs are much cheaper than inpatient treatment because you don’t need to pay for accommodations while doing rehab. All you need to do is set a schedule you can strictly follow where you attend counseling and other activities essential to your recovery.

But an Outpatient Treatment Program is only effective for those who have a mild substance addiction.

Do You Know Which One is Right for You?

Choosing the best treatment program for your addiction might be difficult. But you don’t need to worry because Taylor Recovery is here for you. Your decision to get your life back from addiction is the right choice.

Taylor Recovery will guide you throughout the recovery process. We will assess and present the best treatment option based on your needs. Here at Taylor Recovery, your voice is heard.

If you need to learn more about Inpatient Treatment Program and Outpatient Treatment Program, you can call or visit us. We are located in the heart of Houston, Texas.