IOP For Dual Diagnosis: Is It Beneficial and Effective?

Aug 3, 2023 | Rehab

Treatment alternatives are crucial for those with mental health conditions as well as substance use problems. The addiction and mental health industries are continually looking for better ways to assist every individual since they are more accepting than in the past.

Some people want to get their life from addiction. But they can’t. Leaving their commitments to enter a Residential Treatment Program is not a choice.

It’s why they constantly seek treatment alternatives that can treat both their substance use disorder and mental health disorder (dual diagnosis).

IOP for Dual Diagnosis

Do dual diagnosis treatments work?

Generally speaking, outpatient treatment works but not as well as inpatient treatment as a stand-alone remedy. It is always an excellent plan to start a long-term program of clinical therapy that involves various phases focused on long-term recovery. The person must receive full healing while simultaneously dealing with mental diseases and substance use disorders.

An IOP for a dual diagnosis treatment program is highly effective if a mental illness has already been identified and treated and a substance addiction disorder is mild to moderate.

For instance, if you’ve been taking medication for your mental health disorder for some time now. Then because of unexpected circumstances, you overindulge in substance abuse. This kind of situation is better for IOP than inpatient.

How to Qualify for Outpatient Dual Diagnosis Programs?

There are various treatment options available for people seeking clinical assistance for a substance abuse disorder. The level of clinical treatment you select will mostly depend on your unique needs as well as many other considerations, such as:

  • The drugs you’ve been abusing
  • How long have you been misusing this substance or those substances, how severe your substance use disorder is, and what other factors
  • Whether or not you have substantial underlying problems like unresolved trauma
  • Whether or not you were experiencing a mental ailment at the same time

IOP for dual diagnosis is possible. But it depends on your condition. The severity of your case will dictate if IOP is for you.

Choosing the best treatment program for your dual diagnosis might be difficult. But you don’t need to worry because Taylor Recovery is here for you. Your decision to get your life back from addiction is the right choice.

We will guide you throughout the recovery process. We will assess and present the best treatment option based on your needs.

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