Is my Drinking Becoming a Problem?

Jan 22, 2023 | Rehab

Alcohol is a socially accepted drink across our country. We consume it at parties, on weekends, or even after a long at work. Alcohol consumption in such a manner is acceptable. However, there is a thin line between healthy drinking and problematic drinking. 

There are set standards defining the number of drinks, ideal for men and women. When the number of drinks and their frequency exceeds these standards, that’s when the problem begins. Let’s learn more about how and when drinking can become a problem. 

How can Drinking Become a Problem? 

The experts suggest that consuming alcohol in a controlled manner might not be a problem. However, if the frequency and amount of substance consumed increase, it can expand the possibility of alcohol addiction

Thus, to keep your alcohol consumption under control, you need to regulate the amount of substance you consume. There are four major types of drinking problems, namely binge drinking, heavy drinking, problem drinking, and alcohol abuse. All of these can be defined by the number of drinks consumed within a certain time frame. 

  1. Binge drinking 
  • About 5 drinks in 2 hours for men 
  • About 4 drinks in 2 hours for women 
  1. Heavy drinking 
  • Binge drinking sessions for more than 5 days in a month
  • More than 14 drinks per week for men 
  • More than 7 drinks per week for women 
  1. Problem drinking 
  • Drinking patterns that result in consequences in the user’s life 
  1. Alcohol abuse or alcohol use disorder 
  • Unable to abstain from alcohol 

A few binge drinking sessions throughout the year are not that harmful. However, it only takes a few more drinks to change that pattern. Thus, you need to be mindful of your drinking patterns and contain them if it seems problematic. 

Symptoms of Drinking Problems

The above-mentioned limits may not be the same for every individual. The number of drinks also varies depending on the metabolism of the user. Therefore, instead of simply monitoring the number of drinks you consume, you also need to pay attention to the signs that indicate problematic drinking. 

A few common symptoms of drinking problems are

  1. Recurrent intoxication 
  2. Heavy consumption 
  3. Shakes or tremors 
  4. Memory loss 
  5. Blackouts 
  6. Fatigue 
  7. Mood swings 
  8. Liver problems 

If you observe these signs in yourselves or a loved one, consider visiting a rehab for professional help. You can come to Taylor Recovery in Houston, Texas for the same. Call our experts today to schedule an appointment.