Is there any Connection between OCD and Drug Abuse?

Aug 23, 2022 | Rehab

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, or OCD as it is commonly called is a mental illness affecting more than 1.2% of adults. In order to cope up, people with OCD often fall victim to drug abuse. So yes, there is a connection between OCD and drug abuse. Wether its direct or indirect, it’s yet to be debated.

What Happens in OCD?

What happens during cycles of OCD is that a person gets obsessed with certain things, could be fear, perfectionism, cleanliness, but it leads to unwarranted compulsions. A person then tries their everything to achieve that certain obsession, setting in motion a highly disruptive pattern. This ultimately leads in more distress. 

Common obsessions of OCD:

  1. Fear of height
  2. Fear of cleanliness
  3. Fear of being perfect
  4. Fear of some catastrophe
  5. Snubbed and withheld fear relating to past-trauma, etc.

After one point, OCD can get so bad that the person suffering from it stops funtioning systematically. In order to cope, such individuals take the path of mind-altering drugs or alcohol. Over time, this becomes a habit and then an addiction.

However, its important to identify the signs early and commit yourself or your loved one to a rehab, before it gets out of control. Because addiction is never the answer.

OCD related Drug Abuse Treatment

It’s always a good idea to seek help from experts whenever you see your loved one going down the rabbit hole of addiction. There are several rehabs providing inpatient and outpatient treatment to help cope. Moreover, staying with people, going to therapy and understanding how to help yourself is quite imperative to recover.

If you suffer from OCD-related drug abuse or have a loved one siffering from the same, get in touch with our experts at Taylor Recovery. We are based out of Houston, serving people in Fort Worth and surrounding areas of Texas. 

Our doctors and experts will get to the root cause of your abuse and then recommend a preferred tretament regime. So, get in touch with us now!