Know More About Cocaine Addiction

Nov 19, 2022 | Rehab

Cocaine, a popular drug acts as a nervous system stimulant. After entering the body, it speeds up the messages sent and received by the brain to other parts of the body. There are multiple ways to consume cocaine such as injecting, smoking, snorting, and rubbing on the gums. Some users also prefer to mix cocaine with heroin to boost its effects. 

No matter how one consumes the drug, it is bound to cause addiction after frequent use. Hence, it is necessary to know the signs and ways to overcome cocaine addiction. 

Signs Showing Cocaine Addiction 

Consuming high amounts of cocaine can lead the user to behave violently and bizarrely. Continued consumption can even lead to addiction that can be identified using the following signs: 

  1. Increased heart rate 
  2. High blood pressure 
  3. Dilated pupils 
  4. Fast-talking and thinking 
  5. Sweating 
  6. Crashing down and sleeping for days 
  7. False feeling of extra energy 
  8. Increased alertness 

Long-Term Effects of Cocaine Addiction 

Cocaine addiction might make the user energetic for a while but it also negatively affects their mind and body. The long-term effects of cocaine addiction also depend on the method of intake. For example: 

  1. Snorting cocaine can lead the user to lose their sense of smell, and suffer from nosebleeds and runny nose. Some users might even experience difficulty in swallowing and suffer from a deviated septum. 
  1. People who smoke cocaine can have a constant cough, and respiratory issues like asthma, and pneumonia. 
  1. Ingesting cocaine can lead to problems with bowels such as decayed bowels due to reduced blood flow. 
  1. The ones who inject the drug are prone to contracting blood-borne diseases and even HIV and hepatitis C. Further, they may also suffer from collapsed veins and scarred skin. 
  1. Long-term use of cocaine can also cause movement-related disorders like Parkinson’s Disease. 
  1. Users consuming high amounts of cocaine can also suffer from impaired judgment and engage in risky activities like unprotected sex, etc. 

Seek Cocaine Addiction Treatment 

Cocaine addiction can ruin a user’s life. Thus, it is important to receive cocaine addiction treatment from Taylor Recovery.

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