Laying a Solid Foundation

Jul 10, 2015 | General TRC Information

“In order to plant the seeds of success for long term sobriety you have to lay down a good foundation in early recovery”
– Anonymous


At the Taylor Recovery Center our mission is to help each individual client build a strong foundation in early recovery that provides all the strength needed to successfully transition into a long-term substance abuse free life. In fact, a key benefit of choosing the Taylor Recovery is that one receives essential support from professionals, family and friends that allow for the right conditions to lay down a strong foundation. Two important tools our client’s receive to build their strong foundation are the benefits of a structured environment with planned recovery activities as well as the opportunity to work with a sponsor.

During the week Monday through Thursday our client’s attend scheduled 12 step meetings as a community. On Wednesday evening Taylor Recovery houses an onsite Narcotics Anonymous which allows both clients and non-clients alike to come together for a powerful meeting. Additionally, a Cocaine Anonymous meeting takes place onsite Saturday evening giving our clients an opportunity to attend a weekend meeting as needed. Morning meditations and evening wrap ups take place as well Monday through Thursday with an additional evening wrap up on Sunday in which our client’s come together as a community to recap their week and find the support of friends and staff. There are also live-in onsite staff members which allows for a secure environment while offering our client’s the opportunity to reach out and receive support as needed. During the day many of our client’s work, are involved in IOP programs or are active in other endeavors to strengthen their sobriety. Weekends are great opportunities for our clients to find the right balance through either recreational activities or relaxation. We strive to offer just the right structure allowing our clients to work seriously on their recovery yet have much needed fun to keep a fresh and creative perspective.

Sponsorship is highly encouraged while residents are laying their foundation at Taylor Recovery. Sponsorship is the act of finding another person who has found success in their recovery, achieved sobriety and has agreed to be one’s trusted guide and mentor. Typically sponsors are themselves members of 12 step programs and having worked the steps are in a position to freely give back to others the gift of recovery they themselves received. Though 12 step programs are not the only option to choose when recovering they do provide a great foundation and carry with them lessons and tools that have proven to help keep those actively working a program sober. We at Taylor Recovery encourage sponsorship having seen its positive effects in the lives of our clients as well as other individuals in the recovery community.

Through providing a structured environment and encouraging sponsorship we at Taylor Recovery believe the right foundation can be established in early recovery helping our clients transition into a successful substance free life.