Looking For A New Job After Rehab? Follow These Tips

Jun 1, 2022 | Rehab

Drugs and alcohol can easily ruin the lives of the user and the people around them. It can also spoil relationships and careers. If you are addicted to drugs or liquor and still working instead of going to rehab only because you fear losing your job, then you might be wrong. There are ample opportunities for a recovering addict to begin work after rehab.

It is all a matter of priorities. You can even go back to your previous job or find a new one after treatment. Let us show you how you can find a new job after attending rehab

  1. Refurbish your resume

Keeping your resume updated is a good habit. It does not matter if you have been to rehab or not. Keep adding information about recent jobs, educational achievements, etc. 

     2.  Examine your work history

Look back at your work history and the experiences you gained and answer these questions: 

  • What skills did you acquire while working in that position?
  • What did you like and not like about your previous work role?
  • If given an opportunity, would you resume your previous position? 

Once you answer these questions, you’ll get to know what to expect from your future job. 

      3.   Consider future

Again, question yourself:

  • Where do you wish to see yourself in the coming 5 to 10 years?
  • What’s the strategy to get there?

These might sound like some typical interview questions, but answering these will help you set your goals and make a plan to achieve them. 

       4.   Be choosy

This is true for both, a recovering addict and a sober person. Don’t just apply to any open position you find online or elsewhere. Assess your skills and apply to a position that suits your skillset. If you take up a job that doesn’t interest you, you will likely develop stress and trigger your temptations leading to a relapse. Hence, be a little choosy and apply for positions that you feel you’ll enjoy working for. 

        5.  Read the job description thoroughly. 

Always go through the job description thoroughly before applying. Make sure that the employer has mentioned a detailed structure of the role they are hiring for. Also, look for any description of the work environment, expectations from new employees, growth opportunities, etc. 

        6.    Utilize your resources 

Be in contact with your peers from the rehab center and check if they know about any companies which are ready to hire recovering addicts. You may also seek help from organizations like America in Recovery and The National Hire Network, which help recovering addicts seek jobs post-treatment. Ultimately, what matters is your confidence. If you are proud of yourself for getting addiction treatment, no one can stop you from getting the job of your dreams. Taylor Recovery in Houston, Texas can help you gain that confidence. Contact us now to get more details about our treatments, therapies, and accommodation.