Recognizing National Pet Day at Our Pet friendly Rehab Centers

Mar 1, 2022 | Pet-friendly

People have started to recognize the need for having pets in their lives. More rehab centers are taking hold each day, which allow a client to bring their pets. Hence, we are over here to recognize our furry friends and how they make our lives brighter. For a person who is about to undergo rehab, they can prove to be the biggest life savers. 

All of this conclusion stems from the research done by various institutes where we understood the therapeutic value of pets in our lives. Many therapists took the initiative of animal therapy to realize the benefits. This eventually culminated into treatment centers, which allow your pet companion to join your journey to recovery. 

Benefits of Pet-friendly rehab centers

Pet-friendly treatment centers are springing up everywhere. This is because of the recent findings in the health industry. The National Health Institute (NHI) led a research where it was found that pets reduce the cortisol levels in your body and lower the blood pressure. 

People in rehab are learning how to live without drugs, alcohol and other substances. This proves to be extremely difficult if the patient is heavily addicted. So, relearning to live without these harmful substances is daunting. But, pets can be a game changer in these situations as they reduce the levels of stress in your body. 

Comfort of a creature

When someone is undergoing rehab, they are uprooting a part of their lives, which they have held dear for long. This might also involve a person getting into residential facilities where they need to stay away from family and friends. A pet companion helps you ease into transition. They can be comforting during periods of extreme anxiety and uncertainty about what the future holds. 

Choosing against choice

An addict will do anything to avoid rehab. They tend to make excuses and often drag their pets into the bag of excuses. As no one will be able to take care of their pets, they bar themselves from going. 

However, a pet-friendly rehab center will help the client to make the decision. These excuses will hold no water and the person will be able to get into a residential facility. Moreover, each day you continue the substance abuse, you are becoming a worse pet parent. So, at least think for your pet and get yourself into therapy. Call us now to learn more!