Outpatient Treatment for Dual Diagnosis 

Jul 19, 2023 | Rehab

You must be aware of a treatment program called outpatient care. Yes, it is the one that allows patients to work or attend to other responsibilities while receiving treatment. This is an effective form of treatment, especially for the ones with minor addiction issues. 

But do you know that outpatient treatment is also available for dual diagnosis? 

Just as with any other substance use disorder, dual diagnosis also requires the utmost care. But for the initial stages or minor cases of disorders, outpatient treatment can work like a charm. Let’s see how it helps. 

Benefits of Outpatient Treatment for Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis treatment is necessary to successfully overcome mental illness and substance abuse. The primary advantage of dual diagnosis treatment is to prevent relapse and develop healthy coping techniques.  But with an addition of outpatient care, you get to avail of the following benefits: 

  1. It is flexible 

Since outpatient care does not require you to stay in the facility overnight, you have the freedom to pick your hours for therapy sessions. You can adjust your timings considering other responsibilities like work, school, family, household chores, etc. 

  1. It is more affordable 

Again, since outpatient care does not require you to stay overnight, the cost of accommodation is reduced by a great deal. Further, you will only have to pay for the therapy sessions, medications, etc. 

  1. Personalized treatment 

Treatments and therapies are designed according to your personal needs. It is a personalized approach to achieving sobriety. 

  1. Access to support network 

Support is extremely essential when recovering from addiction and mental health issues. Therefore, outpatient care offers support in the form of peers, counselors, family, etc. 

  1. Holistic approach 

Holistic treatments and therapies aim to recover you from within, which is, your mind, body, and soul. Outpatient care also implements this approach to assure complete recovery. 

  1. Reduced stigma 

There is still a lot of stigma around mental health and addiction. However, with the help of outpatient care, one can easily overcome this. You can recover in a more liberal setting and overcome all the fears of addiction and mental health illnesses. 

Outpatient Care at Taylor Recovery 

Taylor Recovery, serving in Dallas, Texas is an excellent rehab to treat dual diagnosis and other substance-related conditions. We also offer treatment programs for specific substance addictions. Also, all our programs are guided by experts so that you recover under the best care. You can consult our professionals or visit our center for more information.