When Should You Be Worried About Overuse of Alcohol?

Feb 18, 2022 | Alcohol Detox

How much is too much?

Most people have often wondered whether they should take a break from drinking or if they are drinking too much. This tends to happen on certain occasions where alcohol ends up taking up a lot of energy and time. It might also happen when you notice that you’ve been spending more than you intended, either on alcohol or alcohol-related things. Your ‘gut feeling’ is probably the best way to know when things are becoming unhelpful for us. Here are a few red flags that something is not quite right.

Work / School

There are several signs including calling in sick, showing up late or not showing up at all. These are big tells that something isn’t quite right. The less obvious ones include feeling really irritable or anxious and feeling tired all the time.

Family Friends and Loved Ones

Questions like “Are you okay?” or “You’ve been drinking a lot lately” might feel really frustrating or invasive but in most cases, they’re coming from a place of concern. This probably is happening because your alcohol or alcohol-related behaviour is impacting your loved ones.


If you are spending too much money on alcohol or alcohol-related activities, it can definitely show that there is something to be concerned about. Keep a check on an increase in bills and smaller paychecks as well as they can show the impact on other areas.


If you are placing drinking alcohol over other things you usually enjoy, this reprioritization can occur subtly and over time. And if it is a group hobby, chances are maybe you haven’t been invited as often as you used to be. 


Being too tired for work, a decrease in concentration and your mind feeling foggy are all signs from your body of a potential problem.


Most common signs include feeling depressed more often, irritability and switching moods very quickly. When you stop drinking, these emotions can feel overwhelming or more intense.

How We Can Help?

At Taylor Recovery, we can help you narrow down the underlying struggles that lead to any impulsive actions, smoking or drinking. Recent stress or past experiences have a very crucial role to play because the behaviours discusses above are maintained or encouraged by your past experiences. We will help you work through the past so that you can enjoy your present. You can start the process by booking a risk-free consultation near Houston, TX So, call us now!