Pet-friendly Drug Detox Facility: All You Need to Know

Mar 2, 2022 | Pet-friendly

Pets can bring joy to your life. They offer the support that you need to get through the toughest of times. It shouldn’t surprise us that for many of us, they are the only family we have. Hence, if you are a person who wants to get into a detox facility, choosing a pet-friendly detox center can help the clients recover at a faster pace. 

Why bring pets to detox?

Residential detox can prove to be difficult for a lot of people. In these trying times, people do not need consolation but support. However, most of these facilities do not allow for families to be with the patients. Therefore, having your pet by your side can offer the support to get you through the process of detox. 

In pet-friendly detox centers, the therapists recognize the healing powers of the pets and encourage the people to have their animal friend with them. The earliest phases of detox fill the patients with anxiety and bouts of depression. In these stressful situations, having your pet companion can offer the comfort to battle. 

As the pets require care and comfort themselves, they instill the feeling of compassion in the patients. A person may not understand but addiction adversely affects brain function. But, if a person has a pet, they realize that they need to be healthy and sober to take care of their pets. 

Finding support systems

Addiction is a difficult disease to cope and comprehend. The friends, family and peers of an addict may develop a strained relationship through the course of addiction. Some of the people also draw judgment on the people who are addicts. This exacerbates the issue and drives them into further isolation and feelings of worthlessness. Nevertheless, a pet is not someone who judges the owner. Addiction does not lead to ill feelings towards their loved ones. Hence, having your pet while you are in the process of recovery and detox will surely do wonders. 

Pet Friendly recovery tactics

When you enter a recovery center, you begin a new chapter in your life. After the clients have finished their treatment, they have to transition back to their daily lives. A pet will smoothen this transition to ordinary life by maintaining consistency. Plus, they will continue to provide the support post-therapy and detox. 

Wondering how all this works? Get in touch with our experts to learn how your pet can help you fight addiction!