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Pet friendly Rehab Centers in Texas: The Ultimate Guide

Feb 27, 2022 | Rehab

Heading into a treatment facility for alcohol or drug dependency can prove to be daunting for the best of us. It is even more tough when these treatment facilities are residential and we are away from our loved ones for extended periods of time. Pets are also taken away from their carers and they shudder at the thought of such isolation. 

However, we have a great solution to this problem. There are many pet-friendly rehab centers springing up everywhere. They allow the clients to go through the process of addiction therapy along with their furry friend. 

The importance of pets in one’s life is well-researched. To anyone who has had the opportunity of having a pet is immense. They lead to positive changes in mental well-being and build a positive attitude. In fact, a study was conducted by the University of Missouri. The Center for Study of Animal Wellness, under the aegis of Dr. Rebecca Johnson concluded that it causes neurological changes. A client’s cortisol, serotonin and prolactin displays positive changes if they have a good relationship with a pet. 

Benefits of a pet-friendly clinic

So, are you considering going for a pet-friendly addiction clinic? Maybe these proven benefits might help you decide:

  • Affection and Acceptance: A pet offers love, attention and acceptance that we all require. But, the value of this affection goes up when you consider going into recovery and rehab. As these times are arduous, people require a lot of affection where a pet can prove to be instrumental. 
  • Physical benefits: A pet will release the hormones, which relieves anxiety and stops the secretion of cortisol, the stress-causing hormones. Since a pet will require walks, it leads to the client to engage in necessary exercise. 
  • Companionship: Living in a residential facility can be hard. This is because you have minimal physical interaction with your family and loved ones. However, having a pet with you gives you the perfect family companion. People are usually close to their pets and they can make you feel comfortable in a strange environment. 
  • Social benefits: A pet allows you to be more social with people. Having a pet can be a great ice-breaker to make friends inside the facility. These social connections can have a long-term effect on your brain and facilitate the person to transition back into functioning society. 

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