Can Your Pet Help You Fight Addiction?

Feb 28, 2022 | Pet-friendly

Abusing drugs can lead to isolation. This isolation perpetuates the addiction and drags the addict into further abuse. However, addiction treatment requires the person to have a companionship to help him through the tough time. There are many therapists who suggest adopting a pet to allow them to have a companion. We will be looking at some of the stories and whether having a pet can really help you during an addiction. 

We talked to someone who got a puppy before she started using drugs. She said that she could see the deep concern in the eyes of her dog when she would use or drink. The dog used to be worried and gave a look of concern to the owner. Although the family used to show their concern over the user, it was the dog which drove the person to addiction treatment. It made her want to get sober again and she registered herself with an addiction treatment programme. 

What about Animal Therapy?

When it comes to therapy, people tend to focus on the traditional modes of imparting therapy i.e., through one-on-one sessions or by group therapy. But, there are therapists who include an animal in the sessions. So, how does this help the person? Well, it can be hard to express this feeling in words. 

There is a reason why addicts tend to get isolated. It is because they feel that the society is treating them like a pariah as they are abusing drugs. However, an animal does not treat them differently just because the person is using drugs or drinking. They give the addict the same amount of love provided that they treat them with affection. Hence, the feeling of isolation alleviates as an animal can help you feel included. 

Does Animal Therapy help?

Undergoing animal therapy can prove to be immensely helpful for people who need affection to get them out of addiction. Here are a few different ways in which animals can prove instrumental for the recovery of a person:

  • Ensuring accountability: Since an animal requires care, it helps a person to practice mindfulness. 
  • Offering acceptance: As elucidated before, an animal can make you feel included by offering affection without judgment. 
  • Stress reduction: In a moment of loneliness and anxiety, an animal can help you smile, at least on the inside. 

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