Can Your Pet Help You Overcome Addiction?

Feb 10, 2022 | Alcohol Detox, Drug Detox, Pet-friendly

Recovering from addiction is a vital step for those who want to live a healthier and more sober lifestyle – it’s a process that ends in long-term sobriety and freedom. While overcoming addiction isn’t a walk in the park, there are certain things that may help you in your journey.

If you’ve had a pet before, whether they’re cats, dogs, or even birds, they can help you lead a healthier lifestyle. While cats and dogs are deemed the most domesticated animals, there are others that can prove to be great therapy animals.

So the question remains: can your pet help you overcome addiction?

Here at Taylor Recovery Center, we strongly believe that having a pet or a therapy animal can help an individual lead a more sober lifestyle. This is something that we know could help a patient feel more in control of their lives. Plus, studies have shown that owning a pet can even help a person overcome depression, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, and more!

Just imagine yourself being surrounded by cute puppies – isn’t that the most calming feeling in the world? Being surrounded by pets is one of the most feel-good feelings in the world, and this is why it’s so important to have them around if you have the resources to do so.

Taylor Recovery Center offers various pet-friendly rehabiliation facilities because we aim to encourage our patients to lead a more independent lifestyle. We want them to have that sense of freedom and that feeling that they’re in control of their lives. Having a pet around them will give them that sense of responsibility, and we believe that this will only be good for them.

We know that the road to addiction recovery can be a draining process – both mentally and physically. This is why it’s best to make our patients feel that they’re never alone.

The road to addiction recovery is a long journey, but it’s one road that you’ll never have to go through alone – especially not here at Taylor Recovery Center. We will ensure that every patient we serve feels at home and feels as comfortable as they possibly can. This is a guarantee!

We have a pet-friendly rehab facility in the heart of Houston, Texas, so you and your pets will have the best time. Taylor Recovery Center also has a team of doctors and certified medical professionals who will cater to your needs.

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today to know more about our pet-friendly rehab facilities in Houston. We can’t wait to have you over!