The Five Phases of Getting High from Meth

Mar 21, 2022 | Drug Detox

When you think of drugs or addiction in general, then one of the most popular illegal substances that might come to mind is none other than meth.

This is one of the drugs that have been circulating in the United States of America for decades now, and it’s scary to think that most people are now finding them on the streets.

Meth, like any other illegal substance out there, will have that euphoric side effect. This is why most users prefer this. However, meth also has a prolonged state of euphoria that other drugs don’t give off.

When it comes to meth, there are five phases that you can expect from getting high off of it.

These phases or stages are the following:

  1. The Rush Phase

This is the initial phase, and as soon as you take meth, there’s that dopamine rush that’s instantaneous and really powerful. Users will feel a burst of energy building as their hearts begin to race, and this is a phase that will last for about 14 hours.

  1. The High Phase

This next phase is followed but a longer high, which can last for up to 15 hours. A person might feel quite outspoken, and they might be more argumentative during this phase as they feel like they may have so much energy.

  1. The Repeat Phase

If someone becomes addicted to meth, they will repeat the first two phases for days and days just to experience and re-live that sense of euphoria associated with the drug. This is the phase where they barely eat or sleep, and this is actually a very dangerous phase to be in.

  1. The Shutdown Phase

Once the first two stages are over, and once they get over the repeat phase, various psychological issues will present themselves to the users. These psychological issues might be due to exhaustion from their previous highs, and they may feel that sense of emptiness and intense craving during this particular phase.

  1. The Hibernation Phase

Lastly, when a person’s body can’t take any more meth, they will retreat into this final stage to find that semblance of recovery. This phase can last for up to several days, and the user will find themselves emerging hungry, unbathed, and exhausted from the effects of the drug.

We believe that meth is one of the drugs that can prove fatal if you don’t know what you’re doing and if you don’t pay close attention to what your body is telling you. This is why we believe that getting the right treatments that you need is essential.

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