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Jun 4, 2023 | Rehab

Substance addiction is no joke, nor an issue to be ignored. Once addicted, your health begins to deteriorate on many fronts. You suffer from problems associated with mental and physical health. Hence, it is essential to treat addiction in time. 

Treating substance addiction alone is also not an easy task. You need medical support and motivation to achieve sobriety. And for this, you must join a rehab. Read the blog below to get more information about substance addiction and its treatments. 

How do I Identify the Need for Treatment? 

The best way to identify the need for treatment is by taking a professional assessment. However, if you want to be doubly sure before taking any tests, here are some signs that can help: 

  1. Using substances in larger quantities 
  2. Using substances despite noticing their consequences 
  3. Taking substances during situations like driving 
  4. Losing interest in hobbies 
  5. Craving substances most of the time 
  6. Unable to attend to work, school, or family responsibilities 
  7. Spending hours after obtaining, using, and recovering from substances 
  8. Unable to reduce the use of substances 
  9. Developing tolerance 
  10. Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when trying to quit 

If these signs are prominent, it is time to consult a professional. In that case, you should not delay your visit to rehab. 

Qualities of Substance Addiction Treatments 

No matter the rehab or the program you choose, there are certain qualities of treatments that remain the same everywhere. Some of those qualities are: 

  1. Personalization to meet your individual needs 
  2. Addresses addiction and many other aspects of your life 
  3. Lasts for a specific duration, mainly for 3 months 
  4. It is a combination of multiple therapies 
  5. Medical support is available whenever needed 
  6. The treatment plan can be modified as needed 
  7. Special treatment is available for co-occurring disorders 
  8. The treatment also addresses any infectious disease 

Therapies for Addiction Treatment 

Every rehab uses a different approach toward addiction. However, some therapies remain common among all such as: 

  1. Cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT
  2. Group counseling 
  3. 12-step meetings 
  4. Dialectical behavioral therapy or DBT
  5. Individual counseling 
  6. Family therapy 

Additionally, you may also undergo holistic therapies. These therapies focus on healing you from within, which is treating your mind, body, and soul, all at once. Holistic treatment includes activities like yoga, meditation, massages, acupuncture, etc. 

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