What Is A Typical Day In Residential Rehab Like?

Apr 15, 2022 | General TRC Information

Being in a rehab center could be an unpleasant experience at first as you might feel you’re being forced to do certain stuff like exercising daily. But that’s certainly not the case. If you feel that an inpatient rehab center will be a boring place, then you might be mistaken. Let us take a look at what all things happen during the day at an inpatient rehab center. 

Meditation And Yoga

The day at a rehab center will start with some soothing activities like gentle yoga or meditation. These activities prepare you for the other events that will take place later during the day. It is a great form of exercise to manage your blood pressure, reduce physical tension, relieve stress and reduce insulin levels. 


Physical exercise is another way to stay physically fit. It increases the physical fitness of your body and keeps you on the right track with positive thoughts. Exercises like swimming and walking release endorphins which gives you a natural high. You begin with slow and gentle exercises at first and can move to rigorous ones later. 

12 – Step Meetings

Another event which will take place during the day is a 12 – step meeting. These meetings will usually happen in the morning where you will discuss the recovery process and set new goals. These meetings are important and should not be missed. 

Enriching Afternoons

Post the morning activities, comes the afternoon sessions where you learn more about some life – changing skills and experiences. Attending these meetings ensures a long – term recovery. The best way to enjoy your time at rehab is to engage in these activities. 

Group Therapy

Group therapies take place later during the day and as per the schedule. These sessions give you a chance to provide and receive feedback about your as well as other’s experiences. Group therapy sessions are led by a professional counselor. 

Personal Therapy

Personal therapy involves one on one engagement with the counselor. You can talk about your thoughts and feelings. The counselor will hear you out and give their views regarding your therapy and discussion. You both will work together to ensure your faster recovery. 

Family Therapy

It involves your family in the treatment to act as your support group and also to cure themselves of any trauma that they have faced due to your addiction. 

Treatment At Taylor Recovery

Taylor Recovery center follows a healthy routine for the betterment of their patients by implementing all these therapies and treatment routines. Call us now to know more.