Residential Rehab Treatment Program and Its Benefits

Nov 17, 2022 | Rehab

Long-term use of alcohol or drugs is a substance abuse disorder. Although there are different treatment programs, residential rehab treatment is proven to deliver the most success in treating substance abuse disorder.

What is a Residential Rehab Treatment?

An inpatient rehab treatment like Residential Treatment is the most effective treatment after detox. If you want to avoid stress, pressures, and activities that make you want to consume substances, a residential treatment program is beneficial for you.

A residential rehab treatment provides an intensive approach to treating addiction. Here at Taylor Recovery, Residential Treatment includes a judgment-free and sober environment, individual therapy, group therapy, and a support network that are proven beneficial in battling addiction.

The length of stay in a residential rehab treatment varies per person. Sometimes, a 90-day program is not enough to treat a long-term addiction. But it is better to stay longer to achieve holistic and successful recovery than experience a relapse.

Who needs Residential Rehab Treatment?

Everyone can enroll in residential rehab treatment, though it is not required to admit a mild substance abuse disorder. But if you or your loved one have two or more of these signs, you might consider a residential rehab treatment.

  • An urge to use an addictive substance is strong.
  • Keeping accountability requires close, professional monitoring.
  • Behaviors that are “consequential” to addiction.
  • Difficulty in managing withdrawal symptoms.
  • They suffer from preexisting medical conditions that make their addiction worse.

Benefits of a Residential Rehab Treatment

Residential rehab treatment has many benefits. It is why it delivers a very successful recovery for individuals with substance abuse disorder. Some of these benefits include:

  • 24/7 medical support from professionals.
  • Lots of group counseling each week.
  • An hour of individual counseling each week.
  • An array of luxurious amenities that promote relaxation.

These are just some of the benefits of Taylor Recovery’s Residential Rehab Treatment. If you like to know more, our helpline is 24/7.

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