Risks Associated with Detoxing at Home

Jan 1, 2023 | Rehab

Detox is the first step in the process of addiction recovery. It involves quitting the substance completely and can be done at home. However, it is not recommended by the experts. The detox is accompanied by several harsh withdrawal symptoms that can be difficult to handle alone. There are also various risks associated with detoxing at home. 

Therefore, it is always advised to detox under professional supervision and at a rehab facility. Let us know more about the risks associated with detoxing at home

Risks of Detoxing at Home 

Detoxing at home is possible but never recommended. Here are some reasons that prove the statement right: 

  1. Increased risk of relapse 

Relapse is one of the biggest risks associated with detox. The withdrawal symptoms can become too harsh at times. This discomfort can lead you to crave drugs and alcohol. If you give in to these cravings, the process of detox disrupts and you undergo a relapse. The relapse can at times be so fatal that it can also lead you to an overdose. 

  1. Struggling with mental health conditions 

Mental health issues like depression, anxiety, exhaustion, panic, frustration, etc., are common during detox. These are a part of withdrawal symptoms and can prove to be fatal in certain cases. Some can even lead you to relapse as a means of seeking comfort. 

  1. Higher risk of overdose 

This is a risk mainly for users who have already relapsed. Your tolerance to drugs and alcohol decreases rapidly after you quit them for some time. However, the moment you begin again or relapse, the effect of the same amount of substances is higher. Thus, consuming even the usual amount can be a lot for your body and you can overdose. 

  1. Medical complications 

There are cases where patients are unable to identify other underlying health issues. These can be anything like cardiac issues, breathing problems, seizures, depression, anxiety, etc. Detoxing at home makes these conditions worse and can even prove to be fatal. 

  1. Dangerous effects of withdrawal 

Certain substances like opioids can have dangerous withdrawal symptoms like heart failure. If you are detoxing at home, withdrawal symptoms like these can occur and can lead to death. However, the same can be prevented if you have experts around. 

Therefore, it is always advised to detox at a rehab. You can visit Taylor Recovery in Texas for the most effective detox programs. Contact us now to get more details.