Safe Detox for Opioids

Jan 6, 2023 | Rehab

Opioids are a class of prescription drugs. However, the same also contains a few illicit drugs like heroin and morphine. Even prescription opioids have a certain risk of causing addiction. Therefore, it is only wise to consume prescription opioids and other versions as prescribed by the doctor. 

If addicted to opioids, the only way to heal from it is by undergoing an opioid detox program. Let’s know more about the same in the blog below. 

What is Opioid Detox? 

Similar to other detox programs, opioid detox also involves eliminating the substance from your system. Every trace of opioids needs to be flushed out to achieve sobriety. Opioid detox can be an easy or a difficult process depending on the kind of opioids and amount consumed. The same also depends on the duration of addiction, frequency of dosage, and the method of consumption. 

While detoxing from opioids, you will also experience a set of withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms are the signs of the absence of opioids in your system. These symptoms can be mild or extreme depending on the severity of your addiction. The following are some common withdrawal symptoms experienced during opioid detox: 

  1. Vomiting and nausea 
  2. Tremors 
  3. Fluctuating blood pressure 
  4. Diarrhea 
  5. Stomach aches and abdominal cramps 
  6. Sweating 
  7. Insomnia 
  8. Muscle spasms 
  9. Anxiety 
  10. Agitation 

How Long Does Withdrawal Last?

The ideal timeline for opioid detox and withdrawal is of about two weeks. The withdrawal symptoms begin after about 12 hours of the last intake and can peak after a day or two. After a few days, they begin to subside. 

The peak stage of withdrawal can be tough to go through and some patients need medical support to do so. Thus, in such cases, the experts at a rehab center prescribe some safe medications. These help in relieving the harsh withdrawal symptoms. 

A few commonly prescribed medicines during opioid detox are: 

  1. Clonidine 
  2. Buprenorphine 

The main role of these medicines is to generate a similar effect as opioids. The effect allows the patient to feel at ease without taking any more of those harmful drugs. 

One more thing to consider here is that these medicines are safe but still hold a minor chance of creating dependence. Therefore, you should not attempt to self-medicate with these medicines. A professional’s prescription from Taylor Recovery in Texas can help you safely detox off opioids. You can also call us to know more about opioid detox and withdrawal.