Short-Term Rehab Programs in Texas

Jan 24, 2023 | Rehab

The first step to receiving addiction treatment is to enroll in rehab. Treatment centers or rehabs offer multiple treatment programs and therapies based on your needs. These programs can be up to three months or shorter. However, the exact duration of treatment depends on your health condition and other factors. 

There are also short-term alcohol and drug rehab programs. Read ahead to know more about short-term programs. 

What is Short-Term Rehab? 

A short-term rehab program aims at treating addiction to drugs and alcohol. It lasts for less than a month and offers 24-by-7 monitoring by experts. This program can be considered the first step toward receiving addiction treatment. 

Pros and Cons of Short-Term Programs 

The most attractive feature of a short-term rehab program is its time frame. However, there are several pros and cons of attending a short-term rehab program. 

  1. Pros of short-term program
  • You are given a chance to distance yourselves from unhealthy people and the environment and focus on your well-being 
  • You can treat your co-occurring disorders 
  • You will be looked after by trained and supportive professionals 
  • You receive and provide support to peers in your program 
  • All the medicines that you may need are evaluated and monitored by the experts 
  • You learn to follow a healthy routine and live a disciplined life
  1. Cons of short-term rehab 
  • These rehabs programs can be expensive but most insurance can cover the costs 
  • It can be difficult to mold yourself to a supervision-associated routine 
  • Your peers’ experiences around substances can trigger addiction 
  • You miss being with your family, friends, and your home 

Types of Short-Term Programs 

You can find a range of short-term programs depending on your treatment needs. The major types of short-term rehabs are

  1. Inpatient residential program 
  2. Partial hospitalization program 
  3. Outpatient Program 

The goal of all three programs is to treat addiction. However, they all have different time durations and levels of strictness. 

How Much Does a Short-Term Program Cost? 

Short-term rehab programs can cost anywhere between $5,000 to $20,000. The costs can also be covered by your insurance and scholarships if offered by the center. 

Rehab Programs at Taylor Recovery 

Taylor Recovery in Houston, Texas offers excellent rehab programs for various substance addictions. All our programs are supervised by experts. You can know more about the same by speaking to our experts. 

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