Significance of Dual Diagnosis Treatment 

Jul 9, 2023 | Rehab

Substance addiction has become a common disorder. But surprisingly, the disease hardly comes alone. A few studies by experts prove that all those struggling with substance addiction are also diagnosed with an underlying mental health disorder. 

The co-occurrence of two disorders in this manner is referred to as dual diagnosis or co-existing disorders. Such a condition is serious and needs to be addressed carefully. The experts also suggest seeking a specialized dual diagnosis treatment for the same. 

Dual Diagnosis Assessment 

The assessment for dual diagnosis is similar to that of substance abuse. As you go to seek treatment for your addiction, the mental health experts will initially run a few tests. These tests help to determine the stage of your addiction. The same tests also allow the rehab experts to understand your mental state. 

From the test results, the experts analyze whether you have any symptoms of an underlying mental health disorder. If you are diagnosed with anything here, you will be suggested to undergo the required treatments and therapies. 

Symptoms of Dual Diagnosis 

The assessment at rehab will surely help you know your mental condition. However, if you want to be sure beforehand, then focusing on these symptoms of dual diagnosis can help: 

  • Severe depression 
  • Other severe symptoms of mental illnesses 
  • Uncontrollable use of drugs and alcohol 
  • Reliance on prescription drugs to function normally 
  • Extreme behavioral changes 
  • Refraining from socializing 

If you observe these symptoms in yourself, be sure to consult a professional soon. 

Significance of Dual Diagnosis 

Dual diagnosis is a beneficial treatment for curing co-existing disorders. It helps in addressing both comorbid disorders at once. Treating the disorders in this manner has the following importance: 

  • Receive complete health assessment  
  • Learn healthy ways to cope with triggers  
  • Counseling and peer support  
  • Individual well-being is prioritized  
  • Better education for illnesses  

Choosing the Right Rehab for Dual Diagnosis

Choosing the right rehab for dual diagnosis is important for a successful recovery. Hence, you need to consider a few factors before enrolling. To start with, choose a rehab that prioritizes your privacy and is convenient to access. A few other factors to consider can be the qualifications of the staff, cost of care, insurance acceptance policies, licenses, documents, etc. 

However, if you want to spare this hassle, then visiting Taylor Recovery can help. We serve in Dallas, Texas, and offer various treatment programs including dual diagnosis treatment. You can visit us or call us soon to schedule an appointment.