Signs Indicating the Need for Alcohol Detox

Sep 21, 2022 | Rehab

Have you been drinking for a while now and feel like it needs to stop? If yes, then it’s a good thought. No matter how many years or months you’ve spent after alcohol, there’s always a moment when you can quit. 

There are a few more signs which also indicate the need for alcohol detox. Let’s know more about them. 

Signs you Need Alcohol Detox

You will come to a stage where your mind and body will indicate the need to detox off the substance. Those signs can be in the form of: 

  • Withdrawal symptoms 

If you decide to quit alcohol and begin detoxing at home, you will begin to experience withdrawal symptoms like headaches, sweating, agitation, anxiety, etc. These will appear after about 6 hours from the last drink and will worsen with time. Hence, this is a sign that you need to attend a detox program at a rehab. 

  • Other trouble-causing behaviors

Once under the influence of alcohol, you may not realize the things you say or do and end up hurting others and yourselves. You may also find yourselves engaging in risky and illegal activities. Such actions and behaviors are the signs that you need to attend a professional alcohol detox program. 

  • Unable to quit or stop

Another common sign is that you aren’t able to stop or quit drinking even when you know it’s damaging your health. If you are severely addicted, it becomes difficult to avoid drinking even for one session. Thus, if you are experiencing a similar situation, you too need help to detox. 

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