Signs that you Need Addiction Treatment 

May 19, 2023 | Rehab

A recent survey by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health shows that about 28 million adults in the US struggle with alcohol use disorder. Also, about 40 million others were diagnosed with substance use disorder. Unfortunately, only 10% of these people received professional treatment. 

So, what’s stopping the remaining of them to seek treatment? Well, the reasons can be many. Some may find rehab expensive, while others might not feel the need of it. Whereas, some are completely unaware of their addiction problem. 

Knowing about addiction and refusing treatment is one thing. Whereas, missing treatment due to lack of knowledge is another. If you too are unaware of your addiction, then we can help you identify it. 

Take the Rehab Quiz

The rehab quiz is a set of questions that you need to ask yourself. Consider the given 5 indicators that point towards developing substance use disorder: 

  1. Are you spending most of your time using or thinking about substances? 

When substances are all you can think of, it is a sign of an evolving problem. Thinking about attaining, using and recovering from substances show that they play a major role in your life. If this is your case, you need to consider seeking treatment. 

  1. Are you having financial issues due to substances? 

Substances do not come cheap, especially not the illegal ones. Hence, if you have been spending a lot after substances and are running out of money now, it is time to stop. 

  1. Is your mental and physical health being affected due to substances? 

If you have noticed any negative changes in your mental and physical health, it is a sign of damage. The substances are negatively reacting to your mental and physical health. In this case, you need to stop immediately before your health declines. 

  1. Have you developed a tolreance against the substances? 

If you need more amount of substances to feel the usual effects, it is a sure sign of evolving addiction. Needing more amount means your brain and body has already developed a tolerance. 

  1. Do you feel uneasy when sober? 

If you experience discomfort or withdrawal when sober, it proves that you have developed an addiction. Withdrawal symptoms are likely to appear when your mind and body are completely dependent on substances to feel normal. 

In all these conditions, it is best to seek professional assistance on time. If neglected, it can lead to other irreversible consequences like overdose and even death in certain cases. 

Addiction Treatment at Taylor Recovery 

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