A Quick Guide to Sober Living Houses

Nov 26, 2018 | Drug Detox

If you’re ready for sober living, we want to congratulate you. Out of the 20 million people in the U.S. with an addiction, only 3 million get the treatment they need.

You’re one of them and that’s something in itself to be very proud of.

We know getting through the inpatient rehab process wasn’t easy. There were times you likely wanted to give up.

But you didn’t. You stuck with the program and listened to your counselors. Now, you’re ready to move into a sober living house.

The thought alone may terrify you. What happens if you mess up? Will it feel like a prison sentence?

We’re here to answer those questions and ease your fears.

Sober Living: What to Expect

Every addict is aware that relapses happen. In treatment, you learned that preventing them is going to be a battle you face every day of your life. Being in a sobriety house will be one of your keys to preventing a relapse.

It’s a transition from the safety net of a rehab facility back to the harsh reality of being on your own.

But you can do it. You’ve made it this far, right?

Unlike your treatment center, you’ll be able to come and go as you please — for the most part. But, there will be rules and you’re expected to follow them to a tee.

1. There Will Be a Curfew

The purpose of the sober house is to re-acclimate you back to mainstream living. They’re responsible for giving you a safe place to live until you’re ready to be on your own.

Part of that means ensuring that you’re inside the facility by a certain time every night. With 40-60% of addicts relapsing after treatment, keeping you as far away from those triggers is one of their main goals.

Some sober houses will allow you to leave for weekends to stay with your family with only a signature from the party responsible for you. Others may only extend this privilege if they determine you’re not in jeopardy to relapse. Some may not allow weekend furloughs at all.

2. You’ll Take Random Drug Tests

To ensure you remain sober and stay on your path, the facility will give you random drug tests. They’ll determine how often you’ll take them based on your history with drugs/alcohol and if you’ve broken any house rules.

3. You’ll Have to Find a Job

The sobriety house will require you to either get a job or continue with your education. This ensures you’re staying productive and have a positive routine.

4. You’ll Have to Attend Meetings/Therapy Sessions

If the sober house doesn’t provide group or individual therapy sessions, they may carpool residents to NA and/or AA meetings. But, you will be required to continue with your recovery process one way or another.

5. You Will Remain Sober

Part of you staying sober means the facility staff will do room checks. They’ll search your room for paraphernalia and substances.

They won’t destroy your belongings or flip over your mattress, so don’t worry. They’re trained to have a keen eye for signs of someone sneaking in contraband and they’ll know exactly where to look.

This isn’t only to ensure you’re following the rules. They also must take the safety of the other recovering addicts into account. If you have drugs or alcohol,

A Sober Living House Gives You the Best Chance Possible

Sober living itself may not be what’s intimidating you. It may be the actual process of living without your crutch.

That’s why continued support is a must for all recovering addicts. One of the best and safest ways to offer support is via a sober living house.

For more information on Taylor Recovery, a pet-friendly, luxury sober house facility in Houston, contact us. You can schedule a tour of our facilities and even request transportation to visit us.