Ways to Stay Sober During the Holiday Season

May 20, 2022 | Rehab

During the holiday season, countless food and drinks are spread around the dining table. It’s a time for celebration and togetherness, and this is often when we drink for our good health.

Although, for those struggling to maintain their sobriety, how can this affect their journey toward addiction recovery?

Here at Taylor Recovery, we aim to give our readers the proper techniques to maintain their sobriety. This is to help them with their recovery journey and ensure that they don’t suffer a relapse.

If you want to celebrate the holidays but also want to take the proper precaution, then here are ways for you to stay sober during the holiday season:

  1. Celebrate with friends who respect your sobriety.

We know how you would like to celebrate with those you love, but it’s always important to celebrate with those who respect your sobriety. This is essential in ensuring that you stay sober during the holiday season, and this can help you fight away potential triggers.

Keep in mind that the circle you move around in is vital in ensuring that your sobriety is respected and maintained.

  1. Always have your support group on call.

If you feel like you have the urge to drink even a tiny bit of alcohol, it’s always best to fight it off and call someone from your support group. This can help you remind yourself of why you’re trying to stay sober in the first place.

Remember that your circle is important, and having a support group can seriously help you stay sober.

  1. Stay away from alcoholic beverages that can be potential triggers.

Naturally, it’s important to avoid alcoholic beverages that can be potential triggers. Most people might feel overconfident because of how long they have stayed sober, but never push your luck because, more often than not, this might end up in relapse.

We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to maintain your sobriety during the holiday season, and it’s also alright to stay away from the festivities if you think that you’re going to have a hard time staying sober or fighting off your addiction trigger.

Here at Taylor Recovery, we want you to succeed when it comes to achieving long-term sobriety.

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