Strength Through Community

May 18, 2015 | General TRC Information

“We don’t heal in isolation, but in community.”
S- Kelley Harrell

Since the time of its foundation the Taylor Recovery Center has had in mind the goal of building a community based on the principles of mutual encouragement, support, compassion, and accountability. As a community both staff members and clients work together to ensure that recovery needs are met at both the individual and community level. Because the nature of addiction can lead one to isolation and social withdrawal, an important part of the recovery process for our clients involves forming friendships with other members of our community based on the common goal of getting sober and making key life changes. This in turn can support the rebuilding of relationships with family and friends that may have been affected during active addiction.

Receiving encouragement and support from residents and staff can serve to increase motivation at key times in the recovery process. In fact, not only do our residents experience this throughout their day, but also specifically at the beginning and end of each day. Monday through Friday our residents are invited to start their day with morning meditation where the community comes together to set goals for the day and to address any concerns. Monday through Thursday and Sunday evenings our community gathers for an evening wrap where a light check in takes place allowing our residents to recap their day and receive the encouragement and support of their peers and staff members. At times relevant recovery topics are presented at wrap-ups that allow for insightful group discussions to take place.

Compassion and accountability are also guiding principles for our community. Residents and staff work together to ensure that that each member of the community is staying on track in their recovery program and to provide an ongoing safe and secure environment. Our residents who distinguish themselves in the community have the opportunity of becoming senior residents, a leadership position that can further benefit one’s personal recovery as well as having a positive impact on the community.

We at Taylor Recovery believe in the power of the community, and that transitioning into the new life of recovery can be made a reality through the support of a community. There is an old Kenyan proverb that states, “sticks in a bundle are unbreakable”

– We at the Taylor Recovery Center agree.