Substance Abuse Within A Family: How to Recover?

Apr 5, 2022 | Rehab

When a person gets addicted to drugs or alcohol, the effects are seen on both the individual as well as their family members. The individual is not the only one suffering here. Even their family goes through a long journey of trauma and stress, providing breeding grounds for mental health disorders. 

Therefore, when a person seeks help for addiction, even their family should get help to deal with any trauma caused due to their loved one’s addiction. Taylor Recovery offers to help the addicted individual as well as their family members battling mental stress and trauma. 

Addiction – Also A Family Disease

Substance addiction is not just another disease that only affects the individual under the influence of drugs or alcohol; it also affects the family of that particular person. Usually, while planning to seek treatment, the family members are unintentionally forgotten as all the attention goes towards the affected person. But that should not be the case. All the family members, adults, or kids get equally affected by their loved one’s addiction.  

The addiction often leaves the loved ones with a trauma that has been caused by facing certain situations at home. One might have seen their parents fight as one of the parents was either drunk or high as a kid. Some could even witness violence, and such situations can have a devastating impact on a little one’s mind. The effect can sometimes be so negative that it alters their development. In some cases, kids could also consume the same substance at a fairly early age. 

Teenage is a very tender phase while growing up, and teenagers often get inspired by what they see around them and the environment they live in. if they live in a household where alcohol is consumed daily, they could come under its influence before the age of 18. Even being around a family member who consumes drugs could inspire them to do the same. This can make them addicted to the same before they become adults and can be a victim of physical and mental illnesses caused due to drugs or alcohol. 

Seeking Help From A Rehab

There are lots of other cases where the families of an addict have been negatively impacted. If you find yourself or your loved one in such a state of trauma and other mental illness, feel free to contact Taylor Recovery for help. We can guide you through all the difficulties caused due to the addiction.