The Best Alcohol Addiction Rehab in Texas 

May 11, 2023 | Rehab

Have you been consuming more alcohol lately? Or do you need more drinks than usual to feel the same effect? If all of this is true for you, it is a sign that you are slowly getting addicted to alcohol. 

Alcohol addiction is a common problem among the citizens of our country. More and more cases of alcohol addiction are surfacing each year. This shows the need for professional addiction treatment. Let’s read further to learn more about alcohol addiction treatment

When is the Right Time to Join Rehab? 

There will be plenty of signs around calling for the need for alcohol addiction treatment. You just need to be alert enough to identify them. However, we have listed below a few of those common signs for your reference: 

  1. A decline in performance at work or school 
  2. Observing negative changes in your mental and physical health
  3. Friends and family pointing toward your alcohol intake 
  4. Experiencing issues in a marriage or other relationships 
  5. Losing interest in hobbies that you once enjoyed 
  6. Hanging out with friends who also abuse alcohol 

These and many other signs confirm the need for alcohol addiction treatment. If you too are observing the same in yourself, then seeking professional assistance will help. 

The Process of Alcohol Addiction Treatment 

Alcohol addiction treatment is an elaborate process involving: 

  1. Assessment 

As the name suggests, the rehab staff will first examine your current mental and physical health. They will also consider your medical history. Once they have the results, the experts will design a specialized treatment plan that suits your individual needs. 

  1. Detox 

Once you have the treatment plan in your hand, you will begin with detox. This stage will allow you to flush out all the toxins from your body. 

  1. Therapy programs 

Once you have detoxed successfully, you will move on to attend therapy sessions. These can be individual, group, and family therapies. The therapies will help you overcome your trauma, and allow you to stay focused on sobriety. 

  1. Aftercare 

This stage is specially designed to allow a smooth transition from rehab to your normal life. During aftercare, you would be attending short therapy sessions while continuing work. 

Rehab Programs Offered by Taylor Recovery 

Taylor Recovery is an excellent rehab for alcohol addiction treatment. We offer treatment programs for alcohol and many other substances. Some of our popular programs include

  • Medical detox 
  • Residential treatment 
  • Partial hospitalization program 
  • Intensive outpatient care 
  • Sober living 

Some of our effective therapies include 

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy or DBT
  • Group therapy 
  • Individual therapy 
  • Family therapy 
  • Trauma therapy 

All our programs and therapies have served the people of Dallas, Texas. You too can benefit from the same. Contact our team at Taylor Recovery today!