The Best Sober Activities You Can Enjoy During Lockdown

Dec 14, 2022 | Rehab

People in addiction recovery struggled when Covid-19 happened because recovering individuals rely on in-person support groups and therapies. Even though the present is starting to look better, preparedness for whatever may come is still the best plan.

But how can we prepare for something that we are not sure about?

One thing that Covid-19 taught us is life is short, so prepare for whatever challenge we may face because we never know when we will be hit by another pandemic.

This is why Taylor Recovery will enumerate in this article the best sober activities to do during a lockdown.

  1. Engage in a therapeutic activity that can be done virtually, like arts and crafts. Pick a small project you and your sober friends will enjoy that can be their hobby in the future. There are many crafts kits online that you can order and have delivered to your participants.
  2. Form a book club. It may seem old-fashioned, but it is a great pastime. Ask who’s interested from your sober friends and set a bi-monthly or monthly discussion about the book of the month thru zoom meetings. A book club is a great therapy aside from helping your accountability skills, it also makes you and your friends connected.
  3. Try to learn how to crochet or knit. When you get your grasp on this hobby, you can make lots of stuff you can send to your friends and family as gifts. This hobby is an effective way to improve your focus and patience.
  4. Buy a good cookbook and try to cook the recipes.
  5. Schedule a weekly or monthly general cleaning. A spotless home can make you a calmer person. Also, it can take a lot of our time during lockdowns.
  6. Read a book, take a warm bath, exercise in your garage, etc. Do the things that can make you relax. You deserve it

Covid-19 indeed brought stress and anxiety to people. But you cannot let it consume you, especially if you are practicing your sober lifestyle. Mental health that is in a poor state can lead to poor health. Fortunately, there are activities you can do to improve your health and mental health during lockdowns.

If you want to learn more about activities that can help your sober lifestyle, you can call or visit Taylor Recovery. We are safely located in the heart of Houston, Texas.