The Link Between Depression and Alcohol

Jan 21, 2023 | Rehab

We all have experienced a few days in our lives when we feel sad. While it is normal to feel low or sad on certain days, it is a sign of depression if the sadness persists. Depression is a difficult mental health issue, especially when you are addicted to alcohol. It can lead to several problems related to work, family, relationships, and physical health. 

Thus, it is important to know more about depression and how alcohol worsens the condition. 

What is Depression? 

Depression can be defined as persistent sadness or emptiness that also interferes with your everyday tasks. It is a mood disorder that involves negative feelings like loss, anger, emptiness, or sadness. Certain cases of depression also include fluctuations between sudden joy and sadness. 

These negative feelings can be a result of

  1. Physical health issues 
  2. Chronic illness 
  3. Relationship problems 
  4. Unemployment 
  5. Genetics 
  6. Past trauma 
  7. Alcohol 

Depression has become a rising health concern among millions of adults these days. Unfortunately many fail to receive the right treatment on time due to unawareness of its signs. Thus, to receive treatment on time, here are some symptoms of depression to look out for 

  • Difficulty with daily tasks 
  • Difficulty with concentration 
  • Suicidal thoughts 
  • Fatigue and tiredness 
  • Sleeping issues 
  • Change in weight or appetite 
  • Losing interest in favorite hobbies 

The only effective way to overcome depression is by consulting an expert. However, many people prefer to self-medicate using alcohol. This not only worsens the condition but also leads to other health problems. 

The connection between Alcohol and Depression 

People suffering from depression tend to rely on alcohol to feel better. This is mainly because alcohol produces euphoric feelings and joy for the moment. However, in reality, alcohol itself is a depressant, which means, it worsens your depression. You may feel happy and energetic when drunk, but as the effect of alcohol wears off, you will again feel depressed. 

Such interaction between alcohol and depression forces you to consume the substance again. This way, instead of beating depression, you will create a dependency on alcohol. Thus, alcohol is not the right solution to overcome depression. 

Treating Depression and Alcohol Addiction 

If you wish to treat depression, consult a therapist. However, if you are already addicted to alcohol and also suffer from depression, visit Taylor Recovery in Houston, Texas. We will offer multiple treatments and therapies to help you.

Consult our experts today!