The Link Between the Opioid Epidemic and Dual Diagnosis

Aug 12, 2023 | Rehab

From 2019 to 2020, there was an almost 30% increase in drug overdose deaths, which has quadrupled since 1999. An opioid was a factor in over 75% of the 91,799 drug overdose deaths in 2020. The death rates from opioid overdoses significantly changed between 2019 and 2020.

Death rates related to opioid use increased by 38%. Death rates involving prescription opioids increased by 17%. Death rates from heroin use fell by 7%. And the mortality rates associated with synthetic opioids increased by 56%.

But how are these numbers connected to dual diagnosis?

Opioid and Dual Diagnosis

As discussed in our past blogs, dual diagnosis needs to be addressed side-by-side. Whether it’s alcohol addiction and depression or drug addiction and PTSD. Neglecting one disorder can worsen the other one.

Based on data, almost 60% of patients with dual diagnosis do not receive adequate treatment. Furthermore, just 8% of people with dual diagnosis receive treatment for both their substance abuse and mental health problems.

And how is this connected to the opioid epidemic? Well, the most common drug of choice for people with addiction is an opioid. Most people with dual diagnosis suffer from opioid addiction. And not getting the proper treatment is the reason why the death rates are high.

The Problems of Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Not all rehab facilities provide extensive dual diagnosis care. Many drug and alcohol treatment centers are perfectly capable of offering a wide range of effective drug and alcohol treatment choices. But few are well prepared to manage more complex conditions like dual diagnosis.

Finding a substance abuse recovery program and facility that addresses both disorders is crucial for patients with dual diagnosis because failing to do so will prevent them from fully recovering.

Where to Find Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

Addiction alone is hard to overcome. But dealing with dual diagnosis is possible as long as you find the right rehab center that offers genuine dual diagnosis treatment.

Taylor Recovery is one of the few that offers dual diagnosis treatment in Texas. We take pride in our scientific-based programs like Residential Treatment, Medical Detox, IOP, PHP, and Sober Living Apartments. We guarantee every patient receives quality care and support.

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