The Stages of Alcohol Detox

Dec 28, 2022 | Rehab

The term “detox” in a general reference means to eliminate toxic agents from your body. These can be anything like carbs, fat, etc. Detox is also a term used to refer to the process of eliminating other toxic substances like alcohol. 

Alcohol detox is the first step toward addiction recovery. If you have been consuming alcohol for a long time now, then maybe it’s time for you to begin detoxing and regain your health. Let’s see how alcohol detox proceeds and how much time you need to complete the detox. 

What is an Alcohol Detox?

Alcohol detox means flushing out all the alcoholic toxins from your system. Since you have been consuming alcohol for a while now, your body has been negatively affected by it. Therefore, to regain your physical and mental health, detox is a must. 

The process begins by quitting the substance completely. This will allow your system to process the toxins and remove them. Meanwhile, you detox, you are likely to undergo a few withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms are the signs indicating the absence of alcohol. 

A few common withdrawal symptoms experienced by the patients are: 

  1. Shakiness or tremors 
  2. Irritability 
  3. Sweating 
  4. Increased heart rate 
  5. Nausea 
  6. Anxiety 

The list can include other symptoms too, depending on the severity of your alcohol addiction. 

Detox Timeline 

The detox and withdrawal phase is unpleasant but it’s not a permanent state of pain and wears off as the toxins are removed by your body. The detox timeline includes the following stages: 

  • Assessment  

This stage involves testing. Once you enroll in the program, the professionals will ask a few questions regarding your addiction. A few tests will also be done to better understand your physical and mental state. 

  • Prescriptions 

Once your condition has been assessed, you can be given a few safe medicines to help you detox safely. These medicines mimic the effects of alcohol but are not harmful to your body. The medications allow you to safely detox and return to your original mental and physical state. 

  • Therapies 

Therapies help you to overcome the negative thoughts and emotions that lead you to drink in the first place. They also give you a chance to mend the relationships that were harmed due to your addiction. 

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