8 Things to Do After Leaving Rehab

Mar 22, 2022 | General TRC Information

Going to rehab can prove to be one of the most difficult decisions of a person’s life. Just undertaking the decision of attending rehab is painful and leaving an addiction, which has consumed your life, is no joke. However, once you’re on the other side, you appreciate the decision and come out a better person. 

The NDSH had estimated that only 19% of the people who actually need treatment make it to rehab. Therefore, if you are a person who has undergone rehab, you should be patting yourself on the back. But, the journey to sobriety is a complex one. There are things that one needs to do after their period of rehab is over. 

Things to do after rehab:

#1. Follow the exit plan: After you leave rehab, the centre will make you an “exit plan”. This is based on each person’s addiction and shows you the path to maintaining sobriety. 

#2. Finding a safe and sober place: Sobriety consists of leaving your past behind. Therefore, you should try to move from your usual circles and locality which are associated with your addiction. 

#3. Finding a therapist: It is always a good idea to continue therapy at your pleasure after the exiting rehab. 

#4. Keep Appointments: You need to make sure that you attend your visits to the therapist or physicians or support groups. Punctuality is something, which brings order to a person’s life. 

#5. Attend Outpatient Treatment: This allows the person to seek treatment at certain times in a week. Most people would not be able to leave behind their jobs and attend a full-time therapy. Therefore, you should continue therapy by attending outpatient programmes and maintain a regimen of sobriety. 

#6. Finding a support group: A support group is a great place to share your thoughts and vent out your feelings without attracting any judgement. People tend to feel safe and secure with a group and are able to keep up their sobriety. 

#7. Finding sober friends: We said this earlier. Your addict life needs to be left behind. Start by finding friends who practice sobriety. 

#8. Focus on self-care: Start building habits, which are focused on your self-care. The best habits will include things like regular exercise, nutritious food and getting good sleep. 

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