Time Needed for Rehab Retreat at Taylor Recovery

Sep 19, 2022 | Rehab

You must be aware that alcohol detox programs aren’t for a short time. It often requires at least a month for an individual to fully detoxify from the substances. But are you aware of the importance of continuing treatment and the time needed for it? 

We will guide you regarding all the information about your stay at our Taylor Recovery Rehab Retreats. 

Time for Rehab and Rehab Retreat

The recovery process begins with detox and it doesn’t happen overnight. Your mind and body need time to get accustomed to the absence of substances in your system. Thus, you need at least a month to fully detoxify from the substances. 

However, the experts believe that the more time you spend at rehab, the higher will be the success rates for recovery. A lengthier stay at rehab has other benefits like:

  • More time to improve your health under licensed professionals
  • More time to learn effective coping techniques
  • Gives enough time to identify the root cause of the problem
  • There’s enough time to identify any underlying mental or physical health issues

The only negative side of a longer stay at rehab is that it requires more time and money, but it is for the greater good. 

A rehab treatment doesn’t end here. Post-rehab care is equally important. After the first 30 days of rehab, you can go for post-rehab care, also known as the rehab retreat. A rehab retreat phase can last for a few more days. If needed, you can extend your stay up to 60 to 90 days as per your requirement. 

Rehab Retreat at Taylor Recovery

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